Dimona: A Surge in the Desert

Dimona is a city located in the Negev Desert, in the southern area of Israel, 30 minutes from both Beer Sheva and the southern end of the Dead Sea. It is named after the biblical town mentioned in Joshua 15:21-22.
Founded in 1955 with 300 people, Dimona has grown to a population of 40,000 and serves as the municipal center for other towns in surrounding areas. The city prides itself on its education system, including informal education and enrichment programs.

Today, Dimona is planning for unprecedented growth under Mayor Beny Bitton, who was elected first in 2013 and again in 2018. Beny's priorities are employment and industry, housing, education, culture and quality of life in the city.

To support these goals, the current administration has invested more than 1 billion ILS (c. $250 million) in upgrading the city in the last 5 years. This includes an investment of millions of dollars in upgrading its industrial park to be able to attract a diverse and stable mix of industries. In fact, dozens of small and medium-sized factories have already added almost 1,000 new jobs, further strengthening the local economy.

Dimona is conveniently situated near an Israeli Air Force base, a defense industry factory, the Dead Sea Works and Rotem Industrial Park.

In 2018, the Dimona Municipality signed a 5 billion ILS (c. $1.25 billion) agreement with the Government of Israel for the construction of 30,000 residential units, as well as public buildings and the infrastructure necessary to support this growth. Within 10-15 years, Dimona plans to have a population of 120,000.

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